Bystrouška - zvuk pro film, rozhlas a televizi


From the Fall 2013 until the Spring 2013 we were participating on an ambitious project called Crossing Lines. It is a TV series and here in Czech Republic it is co-produced by Stillking Films. Besides Czech Republic the shooting took place also in France.The pace of shooting Czech Republic was brutal at the begging due to circumstances,

but Paris welcomed us with a mild weather and we had the chance to enjoy the last warm moments of sea swimming before the winter.There is no only one director. They are changing from part to part so they are able to watch out for the postproduction. The visual postproduction (grading, SFX...) are done in UPP, the sound postproduction takes place in SoundSquare. This is the first project in Czech Rdepublic of this kind that was entrusted to local Sound studio. We wish a good luck to SoundSquare in this challenging opportunity. The series should follow the american patterns such as CSI: Miami or CSI: NY. The audience can look forward to see Karel Roden on the screen as well as Donald Sutherland and William Fichtner any other actors from Italy, Ireland, Great Britain or Germany. Bystrouska was represented by Sound engeneer Michal Holubec and boom operator who were joined by Roman Rigo and Lukáš Spáčil on set in Czech Republic and Stephane Gessat and Robin Benisri in France.